Rimable Pintail Longboard 41 Inch Green Surf

2017 New Arrive! New Surf Pattern!

Rimable Pintail Longboard
This Pintail Long board is the perfect choice for anyone wanting all the benefits of a standard longboard,
Whether you’re weaving through people or cones this little carver will definitely do the trick.
The Rimable Pintail Longboard with Maximum stability makes this a great choice for cruising,
while its ease of pushing is perfect for long distance riding or just kicking around town/campus.

Product Features

  • 41×9.5 Inch Deck With Pintail Longboard Shape
  • 9 Ply Full Maple Laminated Deck With Surf Pattern!
  • Top Mount With 7Inch 180 Aluminium Truck
  • 70x51mm PU Wheels
  • High-Speed Lubricant Bearing For The Rimable Longboard