Cal 7 5.25 Inch Skateboard Trucks, 52mm Wheels, Plus Bearings Combo Set (Black Trucks, Black Wheels)

Great for All Skaters

Pros and amateurs both love this skateboard set. With reliable, high-quality parts that come in one convenient package, it’s the ideal gift for any level skater in your life.

Grab-and-Go Set

Use it to customize your favorite deck or keep it as a backup for when you’re skating especially sketchy terrain. It has everything you need to add to your board for the perfect skating experience.

Cool Color Options

Trucks come in classic silver or edgy matte black, and the huge selection of opaque and transparent wheel colors allows you to customize your board to the max for a totally unique style.

Product Features

  • SOLID SPECS – 5.25 inch trucks, 52 x 31mm 99A PU wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings.
  • JUST ADD WOOD – All you need is a deck and you’re ready to go!
  • DURABLE TRUCKS – Lightweight aluminum holds its strength and delivers a solid ride.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING – 3mm riser pads prevent wheel bite and vibrations from rough surfaces.
  • RAD COLOR OPTIONS – Tons of transparent and opaque color sets for you to choose from.