Rimable 42 Inch Freestyle Drop-Through Longboard GREENBLACK

As a beginner of Longboard,How to get a smooth and easy ride longboard?
Rimable 42 Inch Freestyle Drop-Through Longboard!
Drop-Through Truck more lower than Topmount board.
With a stonger construciton of 9-Ply hard maple,the board with a slight concave,so can feel you can Total control this board.OS 780 Grip Tape can lock your shoes!
70MM PU Wheels and Good Bushing can help you to learn the skill or crusing!

If you are a beginner,if you are a longboard player,if you want to got a reliable longboard,but don’t want to spent too much,Rimable 42 inch longboard will be your best choose!

Product Features

  • 42″ long x 9.5″ wide longboard with slight concave- great for speed and foothold
  • 9-Ply full maple laminated deck with Brightyly Dyed Wood Back
  • 7″ Drop-Through Aluminium Truck for a low, stable ride.
  • 70mm x 51mm 78A PU Rimable longboard wheels – perfect for cruising on various surfaces
  • OS 780 GripTape can keep your steady stand on the board