RAM-PRO 2 Black Wall Mount Screw-in Tool Holder, Utility U-Hooks 3-1/2”. Great for Garage/Workshop Storage. Hang Shovels, Rakes, Brooms, Garden Tools etc.

Ram-Pro Storage Tool Hooks

Do you have any room or place that is messed up with tools and stuff, and you can’t figure out how to organize it?

Well don’t spend on expensive pegboards and wall racks!

Simply start organizing everything on the wall or ceiling with these 2 durable amazing Ram-Pro storage tool ‘U’ hooks!

It’s useful in any place where you want to de-clutter stuff that’s laying around, whether it’s your home, basement, garage, storage, work-shop, factory, studio, or shed.

Install and mount your tools onto the hooks and save important space.

Constructed from galvanized steel with a soft non-marring, non-slip coated finish (to protect your valuable equipment).

These small & lightweight hooks are quick & easy to install in wood.

The coating is a nice Black finish and although it is smooth, it grips well.

There is a slight up-curve at the end of the forks/prongs to keep your stuff from falling off.

Attach hooks directly to main wood supports in wall. Pilot holes should be about two thirds of thread diameter for strongest connection.

Tools you can hang onto it (anything that has a handle):

Sledge Hammers
Baseball Bats
Tennis Racquets
Small Chair
Bikes-Small Bicycles
Golf Accessories
Lawn trimmers
Bags (lawnmower)
Ping-Pong Paddles
Badminton Rackets

Please note that the hooks are as strong as the wall you put them in to, so make sure your wall is sturdy enough.

Ram-Pro offers a wide assortment of high quality, affordable and easy-to-use items for every room in your home.

Product Features

  • RAM-PRO 2Pc Screw in tool hooks turns ‘dead’ wall area into efficient storage space – tools are easy to organize for quick access.
  • SPECS: 3 1/2″ Length (incl. screw), 2 3/8″ Width, ¼ Diameter, (inside width at widest point: 2″) – Screw length: approx. 2 CM – Safe working load: 10 lbs.
  • INSTALLATION: takes only seconds – just drill pilot holes in wall stud and twist in.
  • MATERIAL: ‘U’ Shaped Vinyl-Coated Zinc Alloy Steel construction Rust resistant – Extra-Thick PVC jacket protects against scratches, & improves grip.
  • USES: Specifically designed for wall storage-pegboards of cumbersome tools with handles including hammers, pliers, shovels, brooms, rakes, hoes, garden tools, etc. (also great to hang instruments).