Children Impact Compression Padded Shirts Soccer Basketball Skateboarding Chest Protective Gear (Black, S: Fit 3.3-3.9ft/40-57lb)

Size Chart:
S: length: 39cm/15.4inch, chest: 61cm/24inch, Suitable for height: 100-120cm/3.3-3.9ft, Suitable for weight: 18-26kg/40-57lb
M: length: 43cm/16.9inch, chest: 66cm/26inch, suitable for height: 120-130cm/3.9-4.3ft, suitable for weight: 26-34kg/57-75lb
L: length: 47cm/18.5inch, chest: 71cm/28inch, suitable for height: 130-145cm/4.3-4.8ft, suitable for weight: 34-42kg/75-93lb
XL: length: 51cm/20.1inch, chest: 76cm/30inch, suitable for height: 145-155cm/4.8-5.1ft, suitable for weight: 42-50kg/93-110lb

Package includes:
1 x Padded Short Sleeve

Product Features

  • This sports protective shirt is made of thick EVA foam, ergonomic, resilient and durable, high-density anti-collision block design can effectively reduce and disperse impact force and reduce damage.
  • Fit Chest size: S 24in, M 26in, L 28in, XL 30in.Please check more details about the suitable user’s height and weights on the description.
  • This compression shirt provides extra support and padding to ribs, chest, shoulders and your back.
  • Support hand wash and machine wash, retains shape even after multiple washes.
  • Suitable for football, basketball, rugby, soccer, paintball wars, snowboarding, skiing, cycling, ice skating and all other contact sports.