PowerDyne Y Tool – Power Dyne Roller Skate Tool Roller Derby Skates

A Great 3 way skate tool for all skaters
Has opened end toestop wrench along with 2 sockets for wheel nut and the Trucks adjustable nut. Very versatile wrench to keep in the skate bag. This skate tool is a must have for anyone who wants to maintain their skates or board regularly

Product Features

  • Great Skate Tool for just about all roller skates or skate boards
  • OPEN TOE STOP WRENCH for most standard Toe Stop bolts.
  • 1/2″ NUT DRIVE for Lock nuts holding wheels on
  • 9/16″ NUT DRIVE for the Adjustment lock nut on bottom of truck – used to Tighten and loosen the action on skate – controlling the movement of the skate.