Quest Skateboards Zero Dark 40 Downhill Style Slot Through Longboard, Skateboard

This 40″ performance board is perfect for both “bombing hills” or just cruising around town. This “Black out” beauty is a stealthy ride for anyone that appreciates a high quality board that also looks the part. The distinctive open wheel design identifies you as a person who recognizes good design especially when it also adds to function. Pro quality features include “drop through” trucks for a lower center of gravity, durable 70mm 80a performance wheels and 7″ aluminum trucks married up to beautifully contoured hardwood maple deck. This board has a mellow side as well so it is also a great board for day to day transport with a wide stable ride and smooth cruising performance.

Product Features

  • Open wheel design ensures no “wheel bite” for optimal safety at speed
  • Sturdy 7 ply all cold Climate Hardwood Maple deck
  • Precision ABEC 7 bearings
  • Reverse kingpin” trucks for stability & great handling on curves
  • 7 inch lightweight yet durable aluminum trucks