Venom Bushings High Performance Formula [All Durometers & Shapes] for Skateboards, Longboards (Standard, 78a – Blue)

Venom Bushings are the industry standard for stability in your skateboard or longboard truck. Bushings are like your suspension in your car. They control how responsive or how cushy your setup is. If you’re trying to go for more turn, go softer. If you’re trying to go for less turn, go harder.

Product Features

  • 🐍 INDUSTRY STANDARD FOR STABILITY – Is your setup too twitchy? Not stable enough for you? Venom Bushings have your back. The HPF Formula combines stability and turnability and are trusted by some of the best athletes on the planet.
  • 🐍 CHANGE THE FEELING OF YOUR BOARD – If your setup is too tight, go softer. If your setup is too loose, go harder. The higher the number, the harder the durometer. A good bushing setup can change the feeling of your entire truck and make you more comfortable at high speed.
  • 🐍 DIFFERENT SHAPES – In order from less rebound (return to center) to more rebound: Supercarve –> Standard –> Barrel –> Freeride –> Keg –> Eliminator
  • 🐍 THREE DIFFERENT HEIGHTS – Street: For traditional kingpin trucks, such as, Independent, Thunder, Theeve, Krux, etc. | Standard: For Reverse Kingpin Trucks, such as, Paris, Caliber, Atlas, Bear, Gullwing, Luxe, etc. | Tall: For specific trucks that take Tall Bushings, such as, Bear Kodiak, Ronin Trucks, etc.
  • 🐍 EIGHT DIFFERENT DUROMETERS – 78a | 81a | 85a | 87a | 90a | 93a | 95a | 97a