Painted Faded and Cracked USA American Flag – Decal Style Vinyl Wrap Skin fits Longboard Skateboards up to 10″x42″ (LONGBOARD NOT INCLUDED)

Installation Instructions:
Required Tools: Sharp Utility Knife, Squeegee.

Our longboard skins are made so that one size fits boards up to 10″ wide x 42″ long. This means after applying the skin it you will trimming to fit the shape of your board with a sharp utility knife.

PLEASE MEASURE your board to assure the skin will completely cover your board. This is actually 10.5″ wide x 42.5″ long.

Please see our Help section for complete instructions.

Professional 5 year indoor/outdoor vinyl with air release adhesive allowing easy application and no air bubbles. Printed with the latest UV protected inks to resist fading for up to 3 year in direct sunlight. Laminated to add a high gloss finish and added protection. Our board skins look amazing, printed in high resolution for unbeatable color and razor sharp designs.

Product Features

  • Skin covers bottom of longboard skateboards up to 10×42 inches.
  • Apply then trim to fit any shape board.
  • Dual Layer Scratch Protection – Tough vinyl material coated with a high gloss laminate.
  • Easy to apply without air bubbles.
  • Made in the U.S.A.