5.0 Skateboard Trucks (Silver), Skateboard wheels 52mm, Skateboard Bearings, Skateboard Pads, Skateboard Hardware 1″ (52mm Blue)

VJ skateshop Skateboard Accessory Combo includes: skateboard trucks, skateboard wheel, skateboard screws, skateboard spacer, skateboard bearings, skateboard riser pads. The skateboard trucks are light and resistant. They offer 6-hole baseplates, which will fit both the old school pattern and the new school pattern. The skateboard street wheels diameter options is 52mm up to 54mm w/ 99a in hardness, providing a super smooth ride on the street or at the park and soft that allow the board to turn and pivot smoothly. Our ABEC 7 bearings steel balls are chrome steel that is turn fast than other regular carbon steel balls. Whether this is your first time with custom complete skateboards, or you’ve done it many times, this combo is all the necessary parts to build your skateboards.

Product Features

  • SKATEBOARD PARTS SET: It inclouds skateboard trucks 5.0, skateboard wheels 52mm, skateboard bearings Abec 7, skateboard screws 1″, skateboard riser pads 2mm, skateboard spacer
  • MID-SIZED SKATEBOARD TRUCKS, This is 5inch hanger 7.6inch Axle aluminum trucks w/ 90a hardness bushions and 6-hole baseplates, which will fit both the old school pattern and the new school pattern. And the mid-sized trucks suit most skateboarders for park or street skateboarding.
  • A GOOD ALL-PURPOSE SKATEBOARD WHEEL, Our wheel 52mm, 53mm and 54mm is 99a durometer which is easy to get off the ground. They are hard wheels and will give you good control for tricks and mobility.
  • 608 STANDARD ABEC 7 SKATEBORD BEARINGS, This skateboard bearings is most common 608 industry standard and match up with nearly every skate wheel. The measurements are 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7mm (width).
  • SUTABLE FOR 7.5-8″ SKATEBOARD DECK, This skateboard set fits all 7.5″ to 8″ skateboard decks. If you have all-in-1 skateboard tool that will be more simple to putting a skateboard together. Our packet size all-in-1 skateboard tool is easy to carry and ues it anytime you want to adjust your parts. Hit the road now!!