LOSENKA Premium Skateboard Bearings – Premium 608rs Titanium, 8 Set High Precision Rating Skateboard Bearings with Spacers and Washers

Product Details:

608 RS Skate Bearings (8 Set)
Retainer: Double Strengthened Nylon
High-Quality Titanium
Includes 8 Precision Bearings with 4 Skateboard Spacers
Compatible with all kinds of boards: Skateboard, Longboard, Inline Skates, Roller Skates

The bearings offer Quality, Low Prices, and Top notch visual appeal that rivals any bearing on the market.

Product Features

  • HIGH PRECISION: Losenka bearings for skateboards offer a quiet rotation, high-spinning speed, and long-lasting durability for more efficient support.
  • PRECISION DESIGN – Tailored specifically for skateboard use, smooth, low noise and long life.
  • HIGH SPEED RACING LUBE – These top-quality bearings can be used for a variety of skates, including inline and roller skates, longboards, skateboards and kick scooters.
  • PROTECTION: Cool engraved colored seals for bright colors and protection from dirt, rocks, dust, to lengthen the life of the bearing and maintain precision
  • GUARANTEED SATISFACTION: We’ll refund your money 100% if you aren’t completely happy.