ENKEEO 40 Inch Drop-Through Longboard Skateboard Complete for Carving Downhill Cruising Freestyle Riding – Night

Reliable Bearings & PU Wheels
Different from ABEC-9, ABEC-11 bearings allow for a smoother and faster longboarding. Enkeeo drop-through longboard comes with 70mm x 51mm PU wheels, which are very fast and have a lot of traction and can withstand a lot of pressure and weight.

Durable Classic Deck
Enkeeo drop-through longboard employs a 9-ply flex laminated maple deck and its anti-slip brushed black surface brings you extraordinary performance. It’s tough and durable enough for uneven surfaces, rail, pool, bumpy roads. Plus, it has a very fascinating arty design.

Great Steering Control
The 7-inch aluminum trucks with 2 rubber ring as shock absorbers ensure great maneuverability and stability when it comes to downhill cruising as well as other riding styles. It is a master of any kind of terrain, suitable for carving, cruising, downhill racing or any tricks you can think of with its speed, balance and strength.

Product Specifications
Fully assembled: Yes
Whole longboard: 9″ wide x 40″ long
Weight: 7.3 lbs
Height: about 4.1″
Wheel size: 70mm x 51mm
Bearing ABEC rating: ABEC-11

Package Includes
1 x Enkeeo Drop-Through Longboard
1 x Thank You Card

Product Features

  • ENGINEERING: ABEC-11 skateboard bearing to withstand high rotation speed, making it smoother and faster
  • DECK: 40″ long x 9″ wide deck made of 9-ply flex maple; brushed black surface for antislip
  • TRUCKS: highly responsive 7-inch aluminum trucks for strength and stability
  • WHEELS: big size 70mm x 51mm PU wheels offers better balance at high-speed downhill riding
  • DESIGN: unique fascinating design of galaxy; the skateboard comes fully assembled