DGWBT Bamboo 41 inch Drop Through Longboard Skateboard Complete (maple)

The DGWBT longboard skateboard is everything you need to hit the hills or streets. From
experience with the longboard,we can say that it’s a lively, compact,smooth and durable one. The
DGWBT longboard is for the beginner to advanced rider, and this board is perfect for freeriding ,
downhill or just getting from point A to point B. We’re very stoked for this longboard and
you should be,too. Either way, you’ll be enjoying this longboard skateboard like no other!

Length (in): 41 Width (in):    Deck Width(in): 9.5    Complete Width(in):10 Wheelbase (in): 29.1 Flex Level: Medium Weight limit: up to 250LBS Plys: 8 Construction: Bamboo, Maple Griptape: Standard Black Concave Style: mellow W Concave Depth: Mild Trucks: 180mm hanger- 50 degree base Wheels: DGWBT 70mm diameter – 53mm wide – hardness 80A — 85% rebound Bearing : ABEC-7

Product Features

  • Deck: special formula of 8-ply maple, drop through mount, W concave, hold up to 250 LBS, mild Flex Level, lively and durable.
  • Dimension: 41.0″ length x 10″ width x 4″height X 29.1″ wheel-base
  • Riding style: all-round curise, commuter, freeride,mild downhill
  • Wheels: DGWBT 70mm diameter – 53mm wide – 80A – Super high Rebound,high roll speed,high traction.
  • Trucks: 50 degree base – 180mm hanger, all-round and perfect any terrain trucks, stable and maneuverable