Allrover Stair-Rover Longboard – Perfect Skateboard for City Surfing over any Obstacle

Every city is a playground. And Stair-RoverTM is designed to help you discover the full potential of yours. On flat ground, Stair-RoverTM is the equal of any traditional longboard. But when the surface gets rough – cobblestones or uneven paving, for example – the chassis goes to work. It reduces impact and keeps you moving. It’s that same mechanism that gives the Stair-RoverTM its name. Stair-Rover is a longboard unlike any other. It’s designed from the ground up to surf the entire city. The unique eight-wheeled mechanism makes the board equally at home cruising smooth pavements or gliding down stairs. From the curb outside your house to a double flight of stairs, the Stair-Rover scuttles over obstacles with ease. Boarders (including Mikey Taylor at “The Berrics”) trying the Stair-Rover are “stoked” about its performance.

Product Features

  • LONG BOARD HANDLE: A Ply Maple Deck with Handle for Easy Carrying and Travel City Surfing
  • CUSTOM TRUCKS: Custom 50 Degree Aluminum Trucks and 8 Wheels for More Turning
  • HARDWARE: All Terrain Longboard – Heavy Duty and Flexible V-Frames (Load Up To 1000kg)
  • OFF-ROAD SKATEBOARD: Engineering Thermoplastic Chassis with Shock Absorbers For Enjoyable Ride. 8 Wheels, 60mm 80a Super High Rebounce
  • CITY ROVER SPECS: Weighs Just 4 Kg / 9 Lbs. Length: 80cm | Width: 25cm | Height: 12cm.