Obsidian High Speed Skate Oil/ Low-Viscosity Bearing Lubricant Tube Lube Bottle, For Skateboards, In-Line Skates, Electric Skateboards/Longboard or Fast Moving Bearing use (Made in the USA) (1/2 oz)

Obsidian High Speed Lubricant was specially formulated for high-speed downhill riding. No more loud bearings, or bad vibrations. Obsidian High Speed Lubricant contains additives that dissolves small traces of rust and coats the bearing with a thin film, which fills micro-cracks and reduces friction. Get stoked for an ultra smooth ride and some mellow hills. (Made in the USA) For more info visit (www.skate-obsidian.com)

Product Features

  • Specially formulated to reduced friction and silents your bearings for an ultra smooth ride.
  • Protects bearings from wear and tear.
  • Fills micro-cracks prolonging the life of older bearings. (Prevents locking and freezing.)
  • Compatible with most fast moving bearings. (Works exceptionally well with ceramic.)
  • High Quality. (Made in the USA)