JUA PORROR Skate Park Ramp Parts for Tech Deck Fingerboard Finger Board Ultimate Parks

Material:ABS plastic

Package includes:
Main Site x 1
Skateboard x 1
Spare tire x 8
Screw x 2
Screw cap x 2
Screwdriver x 1
Wrench x 1

Product Features

  • Removable starting blocks, a variety of origin can be freely combined.
  • Simulation wood surface, superior texture, smooth edge without burrs.
  • Personalized Graffiti skateboards, metal stents, pattern random delivery.
  • Personalized graffiti design, each one is different graffiti, Fun personalized skateboard.
  • Which also alternate tool kit: a screwdriver, a professional wrench, two screws and two nuts, 8 pulleys.