36V Hover Board Charger 37V Output 42V 3A Input 100-240 for 10Series Lithium Battery

Product Description
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Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 2.5A
Output:42V 3A
LED Display
Green: Charged OK
Working Temp/humidity:-10°C-50°C,20%-90%RH
Storage Temp/humidity:-10°C-60°C,20%-90%RH
Charger DC Plus(DC Optional):DC 5.5 2.1mm
Faster and safer charging with our adapter
Intelligent high-speed charging for most 42V versions scooters
Package include:
1 x 42V 3A battery charger
1 x 3 prong power cord

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Use and maintenance of the charger :

1. When charging, first connector to the battery, then connect to AC; after full, cut off AC, then pull the battery plug.
If you pull the battery plug first while charging, especially when the charging current is large (red light), it is very easy to damage the charger.

2. When the LED light turns green, please continue charging for 2-3 hours.

3. Please do not run out of battery power, then charger. Otherwise the battery cannot be protected or even damaged.

4. long-term shallow discharge battery, about 3 months, for a deep discharge, is the so-called re-lighting, which is conducive
to the activation of long-term immobile material in the deep part of the battery. Luminous means that riding the controller battery undervoltage protection action.

5. do not use the battery for a long time, you must charge once (2-3 months).

6.Please use the charger in a dry place in time.

7.When you do not use the charger, do not always connect the power supply.

8.Please confirm your battery, Because it is used to charge the lithium battery. Do not use the charger on the LiFepo4
battery, otherwise the charger will be got incredibly hot.

Product Features

  • Output 42V, World Wide Input Voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • 105℃ Output capacitor, global applicable AC Input voltage.100% full load aging test, Internal EMI filter, ripple minimum. The precision current between ±0.1A, the voltage tolerance is ±0.1V, absolutely not virtual marking.
  • The charger Built-in simply fan, with radiating fin surrounding the board, dissipating the heat through the shell, So some hot on the shell when charging is very normal, but it is durable.
  • The Charger protected: Short circuit protection/ over current protection/ over voltage protection; red light — charging, green light — charge OK, it stop automatically when the battery is full.
  • Replace your broken charger or add an extra charger to charge in 2 locations without taking the original charger with you