Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

About 15% of greenhouse gas emissions come from personal vehicles. That means cars, SUVs, trucks, and beyond. But that also means that every time someone steps on an e-board, our carbon footprint is reduced. We’re committed to expanding the e-transportation movement by transforming not only how an electric skateboard works, but how it feels. Inboard will introduce you to a whole new ride.

Reliability: In-wheel motors avoid the need for complicated and break-down prone mechanical belts and gears, and allow the M1 to be ridden normally without power.

Ride quality: Belts and gears create friction which the rider feels as lumpiness and drag whenever the power is not applied, and are impossible to ride normally once the battery is exhausted.

Ultimate control: The M1’s motors are controlled by proprietary algorithms and are custom designed by Inboard to deliver power more smoothly, and prevent overheating better than the off the shelf software used by typical e-boards.

Dual motor power: The M1 has two of them. You can only get so much torque from a single wheel, and turning is compromised if you lean in too far to the side without a motor because the powered wheel loses traction as it has to spin faster to maintain speed.

Product Features

  • PREMIUM DURABILITY with INDUSTRY-BEST WARRANTY An e-skateboard built with flexible wood core and the same fiberglass found in premium snowboards for a whole new ride. Full 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • LONGER RANGE WITH SWAPPABLE BATTERY ON THE FLY 7-mile range (depending on riding style) & much further with extra battery you can easily swap in seconds. Easy to carry, this portable electric skateboard is water resistant and approved for air travel.
  • FAST, BUT ALWAYS SAFE Ride up to 22 MPH and make hill climbing easy. The RFLX Remote Control has 3 riding modes to make it safe for any rider, from novice to expert. Plus the only E-board with Integrated LED lights.
  • MANTA DRIVE IN-WHEEL MOTORS FOR A SMOOTH RIDE With no bulky external motors, the M1 has a high-tech look and feel. Smooth acceleration, unsurpassed glide, and smooth deceleration with electronic regenerative braking.
  • CONSTANTLY IMPROVING, THE M1 IS FUTURE PROOF Boost your riding experience. The M1 improves over time with regular firmware updates, all downloaded from the VisionMobile app for the highest performance torque, hill climbing, efficiency, and more.