Crazy Skates ProteXion Purple Kids Youth Juvenile Rollerblade Roller Skates Cycling Knee Elbow Wrist Pads Guards Protective Pad Gear Safety Set for Bike Skateboard Inline Skating Scooter Sports

ProteXion by Crazy Skates Tri-Pack set includes Knee, Wrist and Elbow guards that are lightweight and breathable. The design of these impact resistant shields will provide reassurance and help you child skate/scoot/blade and play safely. Featuring sublimated rubber grip tabs that clearly identify between LEFT and RIGHT, plus visual indicators for KNEE, WRIST and ELBOW – means kids can put them on themselves.

Product Features

  • ProteXion Tri-Pack includes: 2/pcs each KNEE, WRIST & ELBOW Pads
  • features Rubber sublimated Grip Tabs with graphic illustration of Knee, Wrist & Elbow with Left & Right images
  • Adjustable Straps with quick, easy Velcro Fastening Straps
  • Breathable Quality Product from Americas Premier Skate Brand – Crazy SkatesTM
  • Recommended Ages 5 to 10 years